Delta Air Lines Reveals Airbus A350 Seat Map With Comfort+

A new seat map for Delta’s Airbus A350 aircraft has indicated extra-legroom economy is coming back to the aircraft type. The airline previously had not offered Comfort+, the extra-legroom economy class, onboard the Airbus A350s, preferring a new premium economy product instead.

Delta A350
Delta has recently debuted an A350 seat map. Photo: Getty Images

The new Airbus A350 seat map

Delta Air Lines has two Airbus A350 seatmaps on its website. Both have the same aggregate number of seats, at 306 total, but one seat map is superior to the other. First and foremost, both seatmaps have 32 Delta One Suites onboard. This is the airline’s fully-enclosed business class lie-flat product. Behind this cabin are 48 Premium Select seats, which is Delta’s premium economy product.

The biggest change comes in the back of the plane. The non-Comfort+ fitted jets offer just 226 total main cabin seats. However, the new four-class configuration has 36 extra-legroom economy seats followed by 190 standard economy seats. This brings the total seating configuration on both jets to 306 passengers.

Comfort+ Seating
The new seatmap showing a separate Comfort+ section between the Main Cabin and Premium Select. Screenshot: Delta Air Lines website

Why this is good news

Delta Air Lines has fully retired its Boeing 777 fleet. After investing around $100 million into retrofitting the entire fleet with the airline’s newest onboard products, it featured a Comfort+ section onboard. However, after retiring the jet, the A350 has become the airline’s true flagship, and that jet lacks Comfort+.

Premium Select is a middle ground between coach and business class. Meanwhile, extra-legroom economy is a middle ground between coach and premium economy. This means that passengers have more options to choose from when it comes to the type of travel experience they want.

Delta Comfort+
Other newer widebodies, like the Airbus A330neo, feature Comfort+. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Elite members can receive complimentary upgrades to Comfort+. Upgrades to Premium Select or Delta One require upgrade certificates. Other, non-Comfort+ A350s thus require elites to burn valuable upgrade certificates if they want to get out of coach.

Those few extra inches of legroom can also come in handy on a long-haul, such as Detroit to Seoul or Los Angeles to Sydney or Delta’s newest long-haul addition Cape Town to Atlanta.

Delta Premium Seelect
Delta had previously foregone Comfort+ in favor of Premium Select on the A350s. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Will other Airbus A350s get the configuration?

Back in May, Delta had told Simple Flying that there were no immediate plans to put Comfort+ onboard the Airbus A350s. However, to SFGate in early 2019, Delta stated it had plans to put Comfort+ onboard its Airbus A350s by 2021.

That timeline is likely pushed back. The global crisis led Delta to pause expenditures wherever possible, and a retrofit of the Airbus A350s was likely deemed unnecessary by Delta.

Delta A350
Now is the perfect time to upgrade the A350s since Delta is doing less A350 flying, but it has to decide if it wants to spend the cash. Photo: Delta Air Lines

However, it is not implausible to imagine that this configuration can be found on newly-delivered or future delivery Airbus A350s. This is the easiest place where Delta can go ahead and put a Comfort+ section onboard. Down the line, it can go back and add Comfort+ onboard other Airbus A350 aircraft, at which point it will have a standardized Airbus A350 configuration.

Where these aircraft will be deployed first, however, remains to be seen.

Simple Flying reached out to Delta for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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