Does France’s COVID Lockdown Impact Air Travel Restrictions?

After France declared that the nation would enter an additional four-week lockdown to help control the quickly rising number of COVID contaminations, pictures of Parisians escaping the city made global news.

Gridlocks allegedly as long as 400+ kilometers reached out from Paris, as Parisians hightailed to the open country.

Since the new lockdown was declared, we’ve gotten various inquiries regarding how it will affect business aeronautics travel to the nation.

This is what we know as of the distribution date of this article.

When does France’s COVID lockdown start and end?

The new four-week French lockdown authoritatively started October 30, 2020 and is booked to be in actuality at any rate a month.

What development is permitted during France’s COVID lockdown?

Per France’s administration site, the accompanying limitations will be set up all through the lockdown.

Driving to and from work, school or preparing place; doing fundamental work excursions that can’t be deferred; sitting tests;

The acquisition of expert supplies or fundamental products, or gathering a request;

Clinical arrangements that can’t be done distantly or delayed;

Basic family reasons, helping weak people, people in a dubious circumstance or dealing with youngsters;

People with a handicap and their going with individual

Individual outside exercise, strolls with individuals from your family just or with pets, inside 1 km of your living arrangement and for no longer than 60 minutes;

Legal or managerial request; arrangements for a public help;

Partaking in a mission of general interest upon demand from a regulatory position

Taking kids to and from school or after-school exercises.

France is additionally securing unnecessary organizations for November (eateries, bars, theaters, recreation inn remains).

How does the lockdown sway business aeronautics travel to France?

Starting at now, there are no progressions to France’s global travel limitations. The very guidelines that applied before the lockdown are still essentially. Interior European outskirts will stay open however outer fringes are shut aside from basic travel. Voyagers will require a COVID test except if they are showing up from one of the accompanying nations/districts: Member States of the European Union + Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marion, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Vatican, Australia, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Thailand, and Singapore.

One significant thing to note is that once you’re in France, you won’t have the option to move going to various pieces of the nation. This French Diplomatic site has a decent arrangement of FAQs to survey with respect to the lockdown and entering France.

In what capacity can a U.S. resident as of now enter France?

There are two essential roads for entering France.

Passageway Access – France’s NOTAM is takeoff based and not ethnicity based. This altogether opens up admittance to third-nation nationals (counting U.S. residents). However long the airplane first clears in another Schengen nation or the UK prior to continuing to France, third nation nationals can enter France. We’ve dealt with a decent number of trip through the UK-France hallway – organizing between our Universal Aviation FBO in Stansted and Universal Aviation FBO in Paris to cause these trips to occur. In spite of the UK isolate limitations on France, this hallway is as yet open! A general Health Passenger Locator Form and Sworn Statement on the nonappearance of COVID indications structure, ane exclusion declaration during lockdown must be finished and given to drill police on appearance.

Direct Access – U.S. travelers venturing out straightforwardly to France must present a grant gave by the French Embassy or General French Consulate to enter French an area. Coronavirus testing 72 hours preceding appearance for everybody ready, including group, needed notwithstanding all the necessary structures for hall travel.


France’s new four-week lockdown has serious development limitations and business terminations, nonetheless, it doesn’t, starting at now, change the prerequisites for entering the nation. Administrators considering a mission in France ought to have an arrangement for entering the nation as well as what they will do while there in view of the limitations. On the off chance that you have a basic business motivation to enter France and need uphold, get in touch with us on the web, and we’ll give a gauge to help.

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